Paustovsky Residential Quarter

Today the outskirts of the big city is often a diverse development, often with violations of insolation and sanitation, and totally inconvenient for the users.

Our studio designed Paustovsky Residential Quarter, which will be located in one of bedroom suburb of Odessa. Given the significant pent-up demand for new housing for low and mid-range caused by prolonged crisis, the area is subject to an imminent housing development.

Our main task was to establish new criteria and principles of construction and, as a consequence, the adjustment of the existing negative image of the area, creating a residential and social infrastructure more modern level.

This preliminary design went beyond the usual suggestions for building a new territory. The project is largely experimental and claimed the right to form a new, more comfortable and modern environment.

The basis of the development of the project laid the following components:
– Comfort;
– Modernity;
– The investment attractiveness;
– Sustainability;
– The possibility of development and modernization.

In the formation of the number of storeys of the project and its visual image, we started from the following aspects:
– The lack of integral residential development on adjacent land;
– Achieving a high building density required by the customer;
– The economic component;
– Development of various planning decisions.

Thus, we decided to form the uneven development of homes with high-rise 10 floors with expressive facade solutions. The fundamental solution to the layout scheme – a high-rise accents on the corners of the quarter and the gradual increase in the number of storeys from the periphery to the center (to 18 floors). Formation of the building is carried out using the principles of layering and zoning.

The visual design of the buildings involves multilevel perception of facades both close range and from driving up transport. In developing the visual appearance, we considered that our block will be extreme at the entrance to the city from the north-west side. It is he who will form the first impression of the appearance of the city at the entrance.