Lynniy Skate Park

We were tasked to reconstruct the existing bowl of decorative fountain in Lunar Park (Odessa) for the platform for extreme sports within the boundaries of designated areas. We needed to create sports facilities, meet the highest standards, thus to preserve the existing landscape and green spaces.

This skate park is designed according to the latest world trends in the construction of such sites made of concrete. Analogues in size and diversity don’t exist in Ukraine.

If we follow all technical requirements we will get a new venue for international competitions.This facility will be unique, because it combines special park elements and elements of street landscape.

The basis of the development of the project includes the following components:
– accessibility for different types of extreme sports;
– modern technical solutions;
– the durability of structures and materials;
– attraction for spectators and fans;
– the safety of operation;
– preservation and improvement of the green areas;
– the possibility of the development and modernization of the facility.

We were able to create the most up-to-date skate park layout scheme and it can be used by different extreme sportsmen. Using the reinforced concrete with a special topcoat as main structural material will allow to increase the timescale of life of the object compared to the currently used structures made of wood and plywood.

The reconstruction project includes the creation of a landscaped area around the skatepark with elements of small forms (benches, litter-boxes), paving sidewalk and installation of lighting fixtures. Transplant or stump of existing green spaces is not provided.

The project has the possibility of a painless reconstruction and renovation of the site by new trends and sporting disciplines.