House of Justice (Kiev)

House of Justice project can be called one-of-a-kind.

We wanted to make the building quite modern, user-friendly, and not forgetting about its main functions, such as government agency.

We moved away from the traditional interior of the building of this kind and organized Open Space. There are no offices, walls, rooms and corners. Everything is convenient, efficient and affordable.

The facade is a separate element. It is a combination of history and modernity. On minimalistic and actual façade consist of panoramic windows we threw the image of the crane with ornaments of Kiev region on it.

Incredibly modern building, where we used panoramic windows (height reaches almost 10 meters) circumspect inner zoning, but, nevertheless, is not pushed into the background characteristics of the building as government facility.

This project can be truly called as combination of past and present, modernity and history. This is a reflection of our present time. This building embodies the right modern rationality in development of the project, as well as the power of Ukrainian nation.