Arkadia – embankment in Odessa

During last years citizens of Odessa had a lot of arguments about the conceptual view of their favorite embankment.

Our studio has created the project of our view on Arkadia.

As a tradition, Arkadia – is the central place for pastime during spring-summer and warm autumn period. That is the reason why in our project we have created areas of shadow where you can endure the heat and have a bite , we have made a point of fountains which produce moisture and the most important is that Dekart Studio has fully withstand architectural and historical style of Odessa.

The concept reckons for consideration of each element of this project. Despite the declared high of palm trees, an underground wire is laid out to each of them and creat the “effect of heating floor”. This fact regulates that they quietly withstand any cold weather. Numerous of plant imparts nature brightness and they smell with sea breeze in unison. Regarding architectural solution – we have completely  supported the flavor of Odessa  with the elements of light unobtrusive architectural classic in the one’s palmy days of which residential buildings and memorably, public buildings of the city have been built.

On one of photos we have put the actually realized project for the compression.