Urban Planning

To change the purposiveness of the park or to create a residential complex in a place where it is difficult to imagine. In this situation, we set the goal ourselves, define the problem, ask the appropriate questions and offer sustainable solutions.

The process of analysis, research, discussion and work is reflected in the creation of conceptual project.

Such a project has two major components, which are based on the concept of the object:

  1. Understanding the appearance and functional orientation.
  2. The possibility of further miscalculation, demonstrating the economic efficiency.

Creation of a new project or redesign an existing one, changing the functional purpose of the master plan of the neighborhood, zoning of large settlement, the formation of a tourist zone.

It is a breath of new life into the project, which has lost its relevance, the project, which requires renovation, a project which did not reveal its potential.

Solution of city-planning problems, the creation of city planning decisions, construction of new facilities.

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